How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

Expert advice for installing an on-demand instant hot water dispenser in your kitchen sink

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To install a hot water dispenser, the sink top must have a hole that can receive the spout. Most hot water dispensers are installed during kitchen remodeling in new sinks that have the proper number and configuration of holes needed.   


Can Your Sink Receive One of These?

Though retrofits can be a little bit tricky, they’re not impossible. If your sink has a sprayer, you may be able to remove the sprayer and use the hole that it occupied. Or, if you have a separate spout for purified water, you can replace that one with a hot-and-cold model. Or, check to see if the sink has an extra hole that hasn’t been punched out yet.

In a real pinch, you can have a plumbing contractor drill a hole in stainless steel or porcelain, though you risk cracking porcelain. A much easier and more affordable solution is to buy a countertop appliance that essentially does the same thing without the need for plumbing. See Countertop Instant Hot Water Kettles & Appliances.


Where to Buy Dispensers

Though units sold through specifiers such as designers, kitchen shops, and wholesale plumbing houses are generally installed by plumbers, those sold through home centers and hardware stores and online through sites such as Amazon. Be sure to see the Instant Hot Water Dispenser Buying Guide.


installing a hot water dispenser©Don Vandervort, HomeTips

Water dispenser fits into hole in sink rim.

Hot Water Dispenser Installation

Installation instructions are always included with the appliance—and you should follow them explicitly. With most models:
1Insert the dispenser spout through the sink hole and tighten it in place from underneath with a large nut. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions for proper placement of trim, washers, and seals.

2Mount the tank onto the cabinet wall under the sink.

3Connect the tank to the water supply pipe. To do this, clamp a “saddle valve” onto the cold water pipe under the sink to tap into the water supply, and then connect the appliance to this valve with 1/4-inch copper tubing, using compression fittings.

installing a hot water dispenser©Don Vandervort, HomeTips

Plastic tubing simply plugs into the small electric heating unit under the sink.

4Connect the spout to the tank. The spout often has two plastic tubes—red for hot and blue for cold—that deliver water from the tank. Simply plug these into connectors in the top of the tank unit.

5Most appliances have a three-pronged plug that you just plug into a grounded, 15-amp receptacle (in some cases, they may share the receptacle used by a garbage disposal, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions and adhere to local building codes).


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