Basic Gazebo Construction Basic Gazebo Construction
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Basic Gazebo Construction

Some gazebos sit on concrete slabs or patios; others have built-up floors that rest on a series of footings. Each type has its advantages.

A concrete slab can be formed and cast in a day for a relatively low cost, particularly if you provide the labor. But casting concrete can be a challenge for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers.

A built-up floor is more attractive than a slab but can require exacting carpentry skills. A built-up floor also sits a little higher above the ground than a slab.

A gazebo’s posts are fastened to the foundation or a sill of treated 2-by lumber with post anchors. The tops of the posts are secured to the beams by metal hangers or post caps; alternatively, you can toenail through the beams into the posts. Knee braces ensure a more rigid structure.

The rafters radiate outward from a central hub and are joined to the top ends of the posts or to the beams. The gazebo may be capped with either solid or open roofing.

Gazebos & Patio Roofs

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