1Position the accessory roughly where you want it and then use an electronic stud finder to locate studs in that area. Lightly mark their positions with a pencil.

how to install bathroom accessories

2Reposition the accessory so at least one mounting screw can be driven into a stud and mark through the accessory’s mounting hole onto the wall. Drill appropriate-sized holes for either screws or hollow-wall fasteners.



3Install hollow-wall fasteners as needed. Make sure that the decorative plate of the accessory will cover the fastener when mounted.



4Attach the accessory firmly to the wall using screws or bolts. Take care not to over-tighten as they can strip out. Note that many accessories (including the one shown here) don’t attach directly to the wall; instead, a mounting plate is screwed to the wall, and the accessory is then attached to the mounting plate with a set screw.