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Are you considering carpeting for some of the floors in your home? When used appropriately, wall-to-wall carpeting can be a great choice. In this section of HomeTips, we’ll help you sort through the pros and cons of carpeting, as well as your many options.

Carpeting is warm, soft, and comfortable underfoot. Those are some of its biggest pluses.

Cut-pile Carpet
Cut-pile Carpet

In addition, carpeting and the pad beneath it are great at absorbing sound. This means carpeted rooms tend to be quiet. No doubt, that’s why carpeting is often chosen for bedrooms, living rooms, and recreation rooms.

attic bedroom skylight
Carpeted floors are cozy, comfortable, and quiet. Iriana Shiyan /

It’s also immediate. Of all the floor coverings—from vinyl to hardwood—carpeting is the quickest to install. Several large rooms can be carpeted in a single day. After spending weeks or months on a remodel, nothing is quite as satisfying as transforming a room overnight with the addition of a new carpet.

carpeting on floor in newly remodeled room
The right carpet brings warmth and comfort to a room—instantly!

And, if your home’s old floors are a mess—damaged beyond refinishing, for example—carpet will hide a multitude of sins. It just requires a flat, smooth base.

It also tends to be more affordable than many other options, such as hardwood, tile, and stone.

buying carpeting from sample book
Use carpet samples to give you a better idea of how the carpet looks and feels underfoot. Ask for samples you can take home so you can see how they look in the colors and lighting conditions of your home.

When comparing prices, be aware that almost all other flooring materials are sold by the square foot, but carpeting is sold by the square yard. So when you compare prices, multiply square footage prices by 9 to get the equivalent in square yards. Then add installation, which is likely to be much less with carpeting.

carpet buying
Carpeting is readily available at all major home improvement centers, flooring specialty stores, and designer showrooms. ©Don Vandervort, HomeTips

On the downside, carpeting can be less durable than other flooring materials, depending on the wear it receives and the material it is made from. It also can be more difficult to keep clean, depending again on the material and the height of the pile.

Check out the article links below for information that can help you make informed carpeting buying decisions. You will also find do-it-yourself help with carpet repairs and care.


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