A helpful step-by-step guide to installing folding doors. Covers steps from cutting the track to fit the opening to making sure the doors operate.

Bifold doors operate with pivot pins at the inside top and bottom edges of the doors and a track at the top of the jamb. They are hung by mounting the track and then inserting the pins into the track.

Folding doors save space, allow good access.

First, determine the width and height of your opening to figure out what size and how many doors you will need. Keep in mind that allowances must be made for the track.

The weight of the unit will determine the proper track and hardware. Most door companies can provide you with the appropriate track and hardware, though at an additional cost. Once you have the doors, track, and hardware, you’re ready to begin installation.

How to Install Folding Doors, Step-by-Step

1 Cut the track to fit the opening. Fasten the track to the head jamb with screws.


2 Fasten the hinges to the doors. To do this, stand the pivot door on edge and mark a line at the mid-point approximately 7 inches from the top and 11 inches from the bottom. Attach the hinges with the hinge pin pointing up at the marks. Place the second door back-to-back against the first door with the tops of the doors even, and then slip the hinge half without the pin over the hinge half with the pin. Finally, attach the hinge half without the pin to the second door.

3 Fasten the pivot plates to the tops and bottoms of the doors, making sure the locking arm opens toward the rear.


4 Fasten the floor bracket to the floor, leaving at least 9/16 inch from the jamb face and 7/8 inch from the jamb edge. After installing the floor bracket, remove it.

5 Hang the doors. Start with the pivot door and insert the top pivot into the top pivot socket. Then, insert the hanger into the doorplate and lock it into place with the locking arm. Hang the other doors the same way.

6 When finished, tilt the doors slightly to allow room for the floor bracket to be set back into place. It should slide under the bottom pivot. Insert the bottom pivot into the floor bracket, and make sure the floor bracket is set in tight.

7 For four-door sets only, mount aligners (small clips) on the backside of the lead doors.

8 Make sure the doors operate properly. If you need to adjust them, first try adjusting the track pivot socket, the floor bracket, or the snubbers—the spring-loaded pieces on the inside of the track that keep the door tightly closed.

9 Attach the doorknobs (usually purchased separately).

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