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Save Energy in Your Home Office


2) Turn off equipment when not in use.

If your home office appliances don’t have an automatic sleep mode, be sure to shut them off manually when you are done.

3) Use power strips.

Plugging computers and other home office equipment into a power strip will allow you to shut off electricity quickly and easily. This is especially useful with laptops or other gear utilizing AC adaptors that continuously draw power, even when the appliance is turned off. Some power strips will even turn off automatically.

4) Use a laptop computer.

Laptop computers—built with energy-saving LCD displays, hard disks, and CPUs—consume less energy than their desktop counterparts. When it’s time to replace your old machine, consider going the laptop route.

5) Use task-specific lighting.

Choose lighting that meets your specific needs—such as desk and reading lamps—and avoids excessive energy consumption. For more on lighting, read Save Energy Lighting Your Home.

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