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Planning a Garage Workshop or Crafts Area

If you are passionate about a hobby, but space in your house is at a premium, with efficient planning you can transform a portion of your garage into a workshop or crafts center.


Building a garage workshop bench is a relatively easy DIY project.


The illustration below shows a typical schematic for a woodworking shop—should you have the luxury of co-opting half of your two-car garage to accommodate it.

If you don’t have that much available space, you can make tools and even workbenches mobile by placing them on locking casters or on wheeled bases made from a layer or two of plywood 3/4 inch thick. When you are done working for the day, you can simply roll everything to an out-of-the-way location.


Garage Workshop Schematic Diagram

Crafts center

Pursuing most any craft is more enjoyable if there are spacious work surfaces and generous storage for supplies and materials. The crafts bench shown above is a sturdy table made from a top frame of 2 by 6s and a bottom frame of 2 by 4s attached to plywood legs.

The table top is plywood, but depending on the nature of the craft, you may want to consider attaching a layer of plastic laminate on top to protect it from staining,

The storage unit shown is made from 1 by 4s with 1/4-inch pegboard inserted into the finished frame. Peg hooks inserted into the pegboard can accept hanging items; shelves for storing larger items and containers for storing smaller items can be hung on the pegboard using L-hooks to support them.

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