How to Clean Tarnished Brass Hardware How to Clean Tarnished Brass Hardware
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How to Clean Tarnished Brass Hardware

Is your brass door hardware looking brown and tarnished?

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You can buy any of several types of brass and metal cleaners online.

Brass can be beautiful, but when it begins to show the signs of age and use, it’s time for a little tender loving care.

To restore the beauty of brass, begin by either removing or masking-off the hardware to protect the door’s surface.

Restore the brass’s shine with a good brass cleaner, applied with a soft cloth (protect your skin by wearing latex or rubber gloves when working with this type of chemical).

Next, it’s time to buff and polish. A soft buffing wheel, fitted into an electric drill, speeds polishing. Protect the finish by spraying on a light coat of clear lacquer or brass sealer.

If your hardware is beyond this type of simple cleaning, you’ll need to step-up your approach. Remove badly tarnished hardware and place it in undiluted ammonia for about an hour. Rinse with clear water, then polish as directed above.

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