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Garage Doors — Buying, Repairing & Installing

Not only is the garage door usually one of the most visible elements of a typical house, but it’s also the largest moving part.


Glass and aluminum garage door is striking on this contemporary home.

As such, it pays to keep it looking good and working properly. The two main types of garage door are sectional roll-ups—by far the most popular— and swing-ups, or tilt-ups.

A tilt-up door is made from a single panel that pivots out and upward. A sectional roll-up door is made of four or more horizontal sections that are hinged together and mounted with rollers to tracks at each side. With this type, the door can roll straight up and back.

Though sectionals cost 25% to 35% more than their tilt-up counterparts, they’re worth the extra cost in most cases because they’re safer and easier to operate, can be opened even when a car is parked directly in front, and allow for substantially more headroom in the garage. Because sectional garage doors fit behind rather than within the opening, they are also more weather-tight and secure.

Both types of garage doors are manufactured from wood, steel, and fiberglass composites in flush, raised-panel, and recessed-panel designs. They can be purchased with a variety of options such as windows and remote controls.

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