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Shrubs, Hedges & Trees

Trees, hedges, and shrubs give your yard living structure. Large trees provide focal points and serve as anchors for surrounding shrubs and plants.

Shrubs visually fill large areas with greenery and, in some cases, flowers and provide medium-height backdrop for ground-level flowers and plantings. In addition, they can hide a less-than-pleasant view, enhance privacy, dampen noise, and allow a haven for wildlife.

Choosing the right trees and shrubs for your yard is a process that takes into account a number of factors, including the look you’re trying to achieve, sun and water conditions, and more.

This section of HomeTips will help you make smart choices and guide you through DIY planting and care.


How to Buy Shrubs

Choosing Hedges

How to Buy Trees

Planting & Caring for Shrubs

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Trees & Shrubs

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