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We live in a world that’s overflowing with electric gizmos, from lights and appliances to TVs, garage door openers, computers, and WiFi. It pays to know how to make smart choices, and to know how to repair problems and install equipment.

In this family of articles, we look at how to buy, fix, and install many different types of electrical devices, systems, and fixtures. Just pick a subject below, or search for the topic that interests you.

push button for a doorbell


Wired doorbells are simple electrical systems. Repairing one is normally easy and a good lesson in basic electricity—as long as you can find the key components.

Standard and GFCI outlet including the location of terminal screws, break out fins, test and reset buttons.

Electric Receptacles

Electrical receptacles, sometimes called outlets or wall plugs, are integral to the functioning of a modern household. Learn everything you need to know about them in this section.

house electrical systems

Electrical Systems

Without electricity, practically nothing works, from appliances and lights to computers and air conditioners. Working on home electrical systems can be justifiably intimidating, but we demystify it in this section.

Wiring diagram for 3-way light switches, including wire colors and power source direction

Electrical Wiring

Home electrical wiring can seem mysterious, but have no fear: This helpful section will help you understand how wiring works and how to work with wire.

Standby generator power


When the electrical power goes out during a major storm or utility company outage, many of us realize just how reliant we are on electricity. Generators can supply enough power to keep our households operating until the electricity returns.

Home Security Systems

Check this section before shopping for a home security alarm system so you understand the differences between wired, wireless, monitored, non-monitored and other options.

light switches

Light Switches & Controls

We take switches for granted, but if you have ever remodeled a room, you know that it takes some thought to choose the right kind of switches because there are many, many variations on the standard switch.

smart outdoor lighting


Interior lighting can be divided into three basic categories–task, accent, and ambient–with different types of fixtures that each perform one of these functions.

telephone receptacle wallplate

Network & Phone

A household data network connects two or more computers, printers, or other devices, using cables or radio links.

Solar Electric (PV) Panels

Everything you need to know to make an educated buying decision when shopping for a new PV system.

HDTV monitor screen

TV & Entertainment

In this section we will help you make informed choices about buying and installing various types of entertainment technologies.

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Home Security for People Who Live Alone

Home security alarm systems have traditionally been designed for specific type of consumers: families with children who live in houses that have multiple points of

rough wiring of switch box

Home Electrical Wiring

Home electrical wiring can seem mysterious, but have no fear: This helpful guide will help you understand how wiring works and how to work with

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