Recessed Lights Go Off & On Recessed Lights Go Off & On
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Recessed Lights Go Off & On

To minimize the risk of fire, recessed lights have a thermal protector that shuts them off when they get too hot. Be sure the bulb doesn’t exceed the maximum wattage indicated inside the metal housing.

recessed light problem©Don Vandervort, HomeTips

And check whether a reflector-type bulb is required. If the bulb is the proper size and type, loosen the wing nuts or screws that adjust the bulb-holder’s position inside the metal housing, slide the bulb unit down a little, and then re-tighten.

If possible, be sure insulation inside the ceiling is held back away from the fixture at least 3 inches. A flicker or spark indicates faulty wiring or a defective switch.

If you’re competent at handling electrical problems, shut off the power to the circuit and check the wire connections at the switch and fixture. Otherwise, call an electrician.


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