How to Install a Bathroom Sink How to Install a Bathroom Sink
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How to Install a Bathroom Sink

Instructions showing you how to install a bathroom sink vary according to the type of sink. This article will point you to the illustrated step-by-step techniques you need.

Installing a bathroom sink (also called lavatory or “lav”) can be a relatively easy do-it-yourself job if you have a few basic home improvement skills and tools.

Some types of sinks, such as pedestal sinks and console sinks are essentially just fastened to the wall or floor and then hooked-up to the plumbing. Other types require a bit of cabinetry or woodworking knowledge because you often have to mark and cut into the countertop.

install self rimming sink

Countertop Sink

To Install a Bathroom Sink…

Below are the basic types of bathroom sinks; just click the links for specific step-by-step installation instructions.

How to Install a Bathroom Countertop Sink

A bathroom sink that has a lip which rises above the countertop is known as a self-rimming sink. Fortunately for do-it-yourselfers, installing a self-rimming, drop-in bathroom sink bowl is a relatively easy job.

caulk edge of undermount bath sink bowl

Undermount Sink

How to Install an Under-Mount Sink

Recessed, or undermount, sinks are popular because they allow for easy clean-up of the adjacent surfaces and can be installed in practically any type of counter. The method of attachment varies by manufacturer; installation instructions are included with all models.


position countertop bath sink

Above-Counter Sink

How to Install an Above-Counter Sink

An above-counter lavatory is an excellent choice when you want to make a design statement. These stylish lavatories rise above the countertop to create a decorative focal point.



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Pedestal Sink

How to Install a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are made up of two parts: the sink and the pedestal (or base).

With most, the weight of the bowl isn’t carried entirely by the base; a bracket ties the bowl to the wall for additional support.

wall mounted bathroom sink

Wall-Mounted Sink

How to Install a Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-mounted sinks are either hung on a metal bracket that is attached to the wall’s framing or bolted directly to the framing.

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