This page introduces the HomeTips section on pest control, offering information about how to control insects, mice, moles, and more.

Do you have ants in your plants or bugs in your rugs? No matter how beautiful your home or garden may be, all it takes is a family of mice, an infestation of termites, or a fuzzy army of caterpillars to wreak havoc.

Trying to control a pest infestation once it has really taken hold of your property can be seriously challenging—and expensive. The trick is to prevent these critters from setting up camp in the first place.

If you’re like most homeowners, you may be adverse to spraying a bunch of chemicals in and around your house.

Caution is a good idea–and absolutely imperative where children and pregnant mothers reside.


Powerful insecticides and pesticides are not good for humans or the environment. Long-term, residual effects may cause serious harm. So opting for the least toxic methods that can be effective for pest control is the best policy. But what are these?

In this section of HomeTips, you will find information that will help you sort through the options available to you for dealing with many different types of pests, from ants to wasps. In addition, you’ll find helpful non-chemical techniques for getting the pests out and keeping them out.


Crawling Insects

Flying Insects

Mice & Moles

Pest Control & Insecticides


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