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Yard & Garden

Whether you’re planting an edible garden, building a porch, or resurfacing your driveway, we have you covered. Browse this section for tips & techniques for gardening, landscaping & building outdoors. 

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Expert advice on outdoor barbecues and kitchens, with buying guides, DIY installation instructions and diagrams, repair and maintenance tips.

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Decks & Porches

What is the difference between a deck and a porch? In some cases, not much. Learn the ins and outs of these outdoor platforms.

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Is it time to completely replace your driveway? While daunting, this is an excellent opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal and improve accessibility.

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Edible Gardening

Ingredients for a salad don’t get much fresher than when they are pulled directly from the yard. When you “grow your own,” you can guarantee your produce is organic.

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Fences, Arbors & Gates

Fences, gates, and walls can secure your yard, provide privacy, and visually define and beautify your home’s outdoor areas.

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Flower Gardening

Flowering plants are generally divided into two categories: annuals and perennials. Though they can be used interchangeably, each has its own pluses and minuses.

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Gazebos & Patio Roofs

A patio roof or an overhead may be attached to the house with a ledger or it can be freestanding.

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Lawns & Ground Covers

This section introduces HomeTips's information on lawns and ground covers, including how to choose, mow, water, care, replant, and more.

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Outdoor Lighting

Similar to their indoor relatives, outdoor lighting solutions can be mixed and matched to complement your personal style.

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Patios, Paths, Pavers & Steps

Walkways, paths, and steps are integral to the flow of both your yard’s layout and its traffic patterns.

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Sheds & Playhouses

Is it time to build or install a new shed in your yard to serve as a garden work center or to provide additional storage for garage overflow?

Camellias provide a stunning backdrop for this white picket fence.

Shrubs, Hedges & Trees

Flooring manufactured from vinyl, plastic laminate, linoleum, cork, and similar materials falls into the category known as resilient flooring.

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Sprinklers & Drip

When it comes to watering your lawns and gardens, you have several options, from spraying with a hose to installing complex drip irrigation systems.

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Swimming Pools & Spas

A swimming pool is more than a backyard feature—it is a way of life. Kids’ parties, holiday gatherings, family barbecues—all are more fun when you have a swimming pool.

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Water Features

Water. It’s hard to imagine anything quite as relaxing and tranquil as a gently splashing fountain; dancing, sparkling brook; or rippling pond filled with colorful fish.

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Yard & Garden Articles

Diagram of sprinkler rotors throw, including middle and corner measurements for a rectangular area.

Planning a Lawn & Garden Sprinkler System

Check with the building department in your area before you start planning a sprinkler system. Research any installation restrictions or codes that might affect the

shed building diagram

How to Build a Lean-To Shed

Free plans, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for building a simple 4-by-6-foot outdoor shed. Step-by-step instructions, too! In This Article: Storage Shed Design Plan Modifications Building

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