Far Infrared Saunas & Heaters

An infrared sauna heater uses far-infrared radiation to heat your body. This type of radiant heater warms your body the way the sun does rather than heating the air in an enclosed space.

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Far-infrared heat encourages healthy joints, muscles, tissues, and blood flow, and helps cleanse the body of harmful toxins such as heavy metals and cholesterol. It may be helpful for lowering blood pressure, relieving arthritis, and aiding in other conditions. And it most certainly is relaxing.

Because they heat your body, not the air, far-infrared heaters work in any room and, in fact, portable models can be used anywhere. Many types, however, are installed in wooden rooms similar to those used for traditional saunas. Rooms may be sized for one, two, three, or more people. The heater or, in some cases, the entire sauna can often be plugged into a conventional 120-volt electrical outlet.

Most manufacturers are located in the United States and Canada. If you’re considering a far-infrared sauna made in Asia, be wary of the quality of materials and construction. Issues such as wood quality, glues used for assembly, finishes, fasteners, and more may be questionable. Check the warranty. The best domestic manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on the entire sauna.

Several types of heaters are used. In general, the larger the heater the better because a large surface area can operate at a lower temperature and produce a larger infrared wave length, which is more penetrating.

• Ceramic heaters are very efficient and produce infrared heat in the optimal wave length.

• Metal rod heaters utilize reflectors; they operate at higher temperatures than ceramic ones.

• Carbon heaters are effective and operate at low temperatures (100 to 200 degrees F.).

Though the experience of using an infrared sauna is different than that of a traditional sauna, the far-infrared types have several benefits over their conventional counterparts. For example, they heat up faster and use less energy. Also, they are safer because they don’t have super-heated surfaces.

Typical accessories for complete far-infrared sauna rooms include, lights, ventilation, recessed halogen accent lights, keypad temperature and timing controls, radios and CD players, and more.

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