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Screens & Storm Doors

Screen and storm doors are secondary exterior doors—that is, they are doors that fit over your primary exterior entry doors to extend their utility.


Storm doors block drafts, minimize energy loss, and add an extra measure of security. Screen doors, of course, allow you to use doors for ventilation without admitting in mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs.

Though screen doors and storm doors may be two different items, combination screen/storm doors do double duty—they have glass panels that can be removed and replaced with screen panels.

As you will find in the Storm Door Buying Guide, a variety of materials are used for storm and screen doors, wood and aluminum being the most common. This buying guide will help you make an informed buying decision.

In the articles in this section of HomeTips, you will also find do-it-yourself help with installing and repairing storms and screens. (For more about screens, see the section on Window Screens.)

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Screens & Storm Doors

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