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Plumbing Improvements: Kitchen, Bath & More

Plumbing is something that’s easily taken for granted. However, if you’ve ever lived without plumbing, even for a weekend camping trip, you can quickly appreciate how important it has become to modern living. Drinking water, baths, showers, toilets, dishwashers, clothes washers, gardens—none of these are possible, or at least practical, without plumbing systems and fixtures. In this family of articles, we look at buying, improving, repairing, and maintaining your home’s plumbing systems and fixtures. Pick a section below to dig deeper.

Featured Articles:

Should You Go With the Flow?

Waterfall shower heads offer an unbelievably satisfying shower. But is the drenching worth getting soaked on your water bill? Read more about shower heads…

Finally! Sink & Tub Pop-Ups Explained

Once you see how sink and tub drain pop-ups work, they’re easy to fix. Read more about drain pop-ups…