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About Solar Water Heater Installation

Key issues to consider before having a solar-powered water heater installed on your roof

Solar water heaters are typically installed by professionals because of the complexity of the plumbing and the difficulty of working on a rooftop without damaging the roof or becoming injured in the process.

Solar Panel Water Heater

Solar Panel Water Heater

When building or buying a solar water heating system, take the following precautions:

1Be sure to include a freeze valve on your system. A freeze valve will keep your system from freezing solid and cracking. These valves often sense when the water temperature is about to dip below freezing and bleed enough water out of the system to circulate relatively warm fresh water. These are a must-have for passive systems.

2Install a shut-off, bypass, and drain spigot on your system. These valves allow you to detach the solar hot water collector without completely disconnecting the water to your existing hot water tank. They can come in very handy, especially if your system does not have a freeze-prevention valve.

3Install scald guards on your system if you live in a sunny climate. Solar water heaters at times work so well they can present a scalding danger to the home’s occupants.

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