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Wine refrigerator keeps quality wines at the perfect temperature.JM-Design /

Wine refrigerator keeps quality wines at the perfect temperature and humidity levels.

If you are a wine enthusiast, a wine cooler (also known as a wine refrigerator) may be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

An under-counter wine-cooler refrigerator may hold from 20 to 60 bottles of wine.

These pint-sized refrigerators store wine at the optimum temperature and humidity for proper aging and enjoyment.

Some models are meant to be freestanding, but most are intended to be built into the kitchen cabinetry under the countertop.

Depending upon the model, a wine cooler can hold between 20 and 60 bottles of wine.

Most wine refrigerators have two separate zones: one for red wines and another for white wines. The door is generally made of amber or tinted glass to allow viewing of the refrigerator’s contents while protecting the wine from exposure to light.

Typical features include adjustable or slide-out shelves, programmable digital controls, and door locks for security.

The sleek wine cooler shown here stores up to 24 bottles and comes with an electronic thermostat and interior lighting.
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