Here we cover a number of common home repairs that can be done with little-to-no DIY experience. Includes appliance, HVAC, and plumbing repairs.

Having your family hunkered down at home with a “shelter-in-place” order can strain your house’s normal functioning. When more people than normal are at home, the house is going to get more use—and more wear and tear.

As a result of increased usage, some important appliances or systems may break down. If they do, you could find yourself in a bind: How do you get them fixed without bringing repair people into your home and risking exposure to the virus?

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The answer is: You do your own repairs.

With a little guidance, you may be able to handle many simple home repairs without calling in a professional. By doing so, not only will you avoid breaking your home’s bubble of isolation, but you can save money and get things handled without waiting for a pro’s availability.

Doing your own repairs is also good therapy. You can shake off any cabin fever or lingering worries as you focus on the tasks at hand. Positive action is a great antidote to feeling stuck. And you can gain a sense of accomplishment.

This article will direct you to the advice you need to do some of your own repairs. Throughout this article, you’ll find links to complete DIY how-to information and instructions for the various repairs discussed.

To do most of these projects, you won’t have to run off to the home improvement center. You can buy the supplies and replacement parts you need online and have them delivered to your home. And if you need a few tools, you can buy them also—with the money you’re saving.

Let’s look at several important issues that could occur during this health crisis.


Appliance Repairs

When more people are at home, appliances get used more. Washing machines churn, clothes dryers tumble, and garbage disposals grind more than normal. With this additional usage, they may be more prone to breaking down.

A breakdown may not be a huge problem if it’s the garbage disposal. But the refrigerator is another story. The last thing you need is to face the supermarket lines to replace spoiled foods.

And speaking of supermarkets, relying upon the availability of bottled water can chancy. By installing a high-quality water filter, you can totally eliminate the need for buying bottled water.

Here is a list of articles that will help you handle appliance projects:

Refrigerator: Refrigerator Not Working | Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair

Water Filter: How to Install a Water Filter 

Washing Machine: Washing Machine Troubleshooting & Repairs

Clothes Dryer: Clothes Dryer Repairs & Troubleshooting 

Garbage Disposal: How to Fix a Garbage Disposal — The Ultimate Guide

Range & Oven: Range & Oven Repairs   


Heating & Cooling

Comfortable room temperatures are very important for keeping the family healthy. Your home’s comfort systems—heating, cooling, and humidity control—are more important than ever.

These articles will help you make sure your furnace, heat pump, and AC keep working.

Furnace: Furnace Not Working | DIY Furnace Troubleshooting & Repairs 

Heat Pump: Heat Pump Troubleshooting & Repairs

Central A/C: AC Not Working | Central Air Conditioning Repair & Troubleshooting


Plumbing Repairs

More people at home also increases use of toilets, showers, bathtubs, faucets, and more. This can increase the strain on maintaining hot water and keeping drains clear. These articles will help:

Water Heater: No Hot Water — Water Heater Repair & Troubleshooting

Toilet: How to Fix a Toilet

Faucets: How to Repair Faucets & Taps

Bathtub: Bathtub Repairs 

Drains: How to Unclog a Toilet, Sink or Drain


If You Need A Pro

If you don’t have the ability to handle repairs yourself, don’t despair. You can get free bids from repair people near you by using our service partner, HomeAdvisor.  Discuss the repairs you need and express any concerns about having a repair person in the house.

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