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What is the name of that doo-hickey? A house can be a bewildering assemblage of parts. It pays to know what those parts are called and how they work when making repairs, hiring help, or visiting the home center. Written by Don Vandervort, author of the bookHow Your House Works” (published by Ballantine, a Division of Random House) these articles and diagrams will demystify your home. 

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perimeter foundation and slab

House Foundation Types and Diagrams

How basic foundations are built, including slabs, perimeter foundations, concrete blocks, and piers A house needs a foundation to shoulder its considerable weight, provide a

diagram of bath sink

How Sink and Drain Plumbing Works

Diagrams and helpful advice on how kitchen and bathroom sink and drain plumbing works In This Article: How a Sink Drain Works What Is a

Diagram of a house's ventilation system, including attic, kitchen, and foundation vents.

How Home Ventilation Works

A little humidity is important to comfort in a home, particularly in winter. But too much vapor, combined with fumes from synthetic materials, pesticides, cleansers,

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